Want to Know Why Teams Win or Lose Bids?

The number one mistake businesses make while pursuing a contract or grant is not understanding how competitive each environment is, and being overly confident about their chances of winning, including incumbents. It’s critical to execute a systematic and informed capture management process well before the RFP is released so that you can position yourself as a top contender. It’s not enough to wait until the RFP drops and throw a lot of effort into your proposal. How you view your organization and its capabilities is not the way the source selection team views your proposal. If a buyer has never met you, your chances of winning a bid are very low. 

Bidders must also fight for every proposal evaluation point; too often companies use generic boilerplate content in their proposals. They don’t take resumes, project summaries and management solutions seriously. They don’t put enough thought into how to offer an attractive technical solution that provides extra value. They don’t know how to calculate a cost that is competitive but can still be executed well. They include subcontractors on their teams without substantiating capability claims.

Larson Slade excels in helping large, mid-market and small companies position themselves to win contracts and grants, or make an informed decision not to bid (and therefore not waste funds). We have identified activities that have been proven essential to being competitive in today’s federal, state, local, commercial and non-profit markets and can coach you in using them.

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