Larson Slade Provides Tribal 8(a) Federal Contracting Training in Indian Country

Larson Slade has provided training on the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) federal contracting program in numerous tribal communities and at tribal conferences for many years. Recently, as a subcontractor to the Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma), we were part of teams that provided one-day workshops on the 8(a) program for tribal governments (tribes, ANCs, NHOs) as well as individual native business people.

That program has ended, but you may contact us if you would like Larson Slade to provide focused, custom training at your site. Wondering about the necessary tribal infrastructure needed for an 8(a) business? Want help with an upcoming opportunity, or a friendly audit of your capture and proposal processes? Need help with contracts and pricing? It’s not free – but our onsite consultations are value-priced for tribes.